Innovative immobilisation devices to personalise medical treatments, because each patient is unique!

HeroSupport is a Medtech Startup Company

What is HeroSupport

HeroSupport transforms imaging and/or treatment tables into a personalised support, so that patients do not have to adjust to the table, but the table adapts to each patient in a unique way. This brings precision, decreased complexity, improved reproducibility, time savings, and patient comfort in clinical practice!

Why did we choose HeroSupport?


HeroSupport wins CHF 150,000 to improve cancer treatment universal access with tailored patient-positioning medical devices and standardized workflows
The Venture Leaders Medtech 2023 Boston roadshow
HeroSupport, the Venture Leader Medtech 2023 improving cancer treatments

The Venture Leaders Medtech 2023 kick-off meeting sets the course for the Boston roadshow

Early bird startup winner of the VENTURE 2023 competition

Selected as a winner of the 2022/2023 IMD Startup Competition

VENUS SHELL & Giovanna Dipasquale: Best Oral presentation @ SASRO annual meeting, 2022

FIF – 2021

EPFL – 2019 Business Concept training award ceremony

Innogap Grant

Incubator Prize BioInnovation 2018


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