Innovative immobilisation devices to personalise medical treatments, because each patient is unique!

HeroSupport is a Medtech Startup Company


What is HeroSupport

HeroSupport transforms imaging and/or treatment tables into a personalised support, so that patients do not have to adjust to the table, but the table adapts to each patient in a unique way. This brings precision, decreased complexity, improved reproducibility, time savings, and patient comfort in clinical practice!

Why did we choose HeroSupport?


The Venture Leaders Medtech 2023 kick-off meeting sets the course for the Boston roadshow

Early bird startup winner of the VENTURE 2023 competition

Winner of Venture Kick stage 1 and 2

Selected as a winner of the 2022/2023 IMD Startup Competition

VENUS SHELL & Giovanna Dipasquale: Best Oral presentation
@ SASRO annual meeting, 2022

FIF – 2021

EPFL – 2019 Business Concept

training award ceremony

Innogap Grant

Innovation Trophy

HUG 2017

Incubator Prize

BioInnovation 2018


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